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PimEyes Affilate Program

5 May 2022

PimEyes has launched an affiliate program.

The affiliate program provides a unique opportunity to earn money and ensure your sustainable income by recommending the world’s leading AI based facial recognition platform. The benefits of our affiliate program:

• Sustainable, long-term cooperation and high marge of income during the entire cooperation period.

• Income totally depends on efforts, there is no cap for the money you can earn with PimEyes.

• Coomission – 10$ for every succesfull recommendation on Open Plus, 25$ for Protect and 75$ on Advanced packages.

• Dynamic cooperation with PimEyes team, great banners, various digital assets, product images, promotional codes (unique for each performer) to boost your income.

• By working with PimEyes, you work with established brand that is considered by thousands of users as the most reliable and efficient facial recognition solution.

• Easy to start – joining our affiliate program doesn’t require special skills, or knowledge, you can join our affiliate program within several minutes and then start promoting our product via your marketing channels.

Release 10.8.0

5 May 2022

PimEyes has launched 10.8.0 release.

  1. The release includes the small bug fixes
  2. Improved search results
  3. Access to PimEyes affiliate program

Release 10.6.0

31 March 2022

PimEyes has launched 10.6.0 release.

  1. The release includes the news sections on our website, website where users can receive information on the latest updates, events and new services of our website.
  2. It also provides manual for PROtect subscribers to perform takedown for the URL addresses that are not picked up by our search engine.

PimEyes condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine

24 February 2022

PimEyes condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine and expresses solidarity to Ukrainian people. We believe that there is no room for agression and brutality in contemporary world. We pray for the souls of killed innocent civilians and believe that war criminals, responsible for death of children and women will meet their justice. We have banned Russian Federation from our services since the beginning of invasion to Ukraine. PimEyes was created with faith in freedom of speech, expression and information, therefore we can not operate in a country that imposes heavy censorship to hide the truth and create the alternative, false reality. We express readiness to cooperate with international humanitarian and human rights organizations that are looking for missing people and saving lives.

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