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Open Plus - privacy protection to start

Unlocked search results with Open Plus

Unlimited unlocked searches

With premium status, all the search results are unlocked and available to be checked. We don’t limit the number of searches performed by the owner of the account.

Multiple PimEyes' Alerts

A PimEyes’ Alert is the notification you get when we find a photo of someone with a face similar to yours. With Premium packages you can set up to 25 alerts.

Dedicated support

Get help with every issue or problem you have. We’re here for you.

Advanced protection of PROtect

Erase your photo with PROtect

The advantage that photos with your face won't be displayed in the PimEyes search results

With the PROtect package all the photos containing your face are going to be automatically hidden from the search results. If you come across pictures with your face in the search results (e.g. having uploaded a new photo) you can hide them in a few clicks.

4 hours/month of professional services, during which our agent removes your photos from the source websites

In the PROtect package, you have at your disposal 4 hours/month of professional services during which our agent removes your photos from the source websites. At this time our agent will:

  • find the owner of the website where the unwanted image appears
  • draft and send DMCA/GDPR compliance requests on your behalf
  • take legal action, if necessary.

On average we remove photos from 4 external websites within a month.

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Why people love us

Alister Richards

Thanks to PimEyes, I found a profile on a dating site that was pretending to be me. The scammer was using my private photos to fool other people online! Tools like this improve our privacy online.

Alister Richards
Gary Barron

An article with my photo appeared on the web. The author did not have my permission to use it! Copies of that content spread very quickly. Thanks to PimEyes, I've located many of them.

Gary Barron
Sakura Tanaka

3 months after creating PimEyes alert I received notification and found my photo turned into a meme. Because I got that notification immediately, I managed to block the photo’s distribution quickly enough.

Sakura Tanaka