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12 July 2022

Due to ongoing system update users may experience some errors. We apologise for the discomfort and express sincere gratitude for staying with us.

Major update of PimEyes

12 July 2022

PimEyes, the world's leading facial recognition solution has launched a new update 11.0.0.

This update introduces unique changes to the public.

PimEyes tech team has finished a new project and at this moment entire web site has been migrated to a new search engine, which is several times fast and accurate than previous one. The extended technological capacity of PimEyes turns the facial recognition engine into a revolutionary technical solution that can be a game changer in the Facial Recognition industry.

Alongside the new search engine upload and search mechanism has been completely redesigned and became even more user friendly.

Remove results from public search is now available with a single click.

Increased traffic on PimEyes

25 May 2022

Due to increased traffic PimEyes administration had to set up queues for free users to ensure sustainability of the critical infrastructure.

We apologise for the temporary discomfort and thank you for being with us.

Opt-out request and removal of search results

25 May 2022

Because of increased number of questions related to opt-out service and possibility to manage search results we would like to explain how opt-out procedure works.

• User uploads his face image, anonymised scan of ID, and email address and gives consent to perform a search (

• PimEyes support verifies if the ID matches the photo and if the photo quality is good.

• After verification of the request, a search is performed with the use of the uploaded image.

• Every search result that has a high similarity level is automatically saved on the separate blocklist in the form of:

  1. URL address of the external image and

  2. unique hash of the image (general hash algorithm, without facial features, only simple pixel image comparison), and is removed from our indexes.


• This will prevent in future from finding exactly the same image and saving it again to our index.

• Because of AI’s complex and not deterministic nature, opt-request could not find all matches. It’s advised to perform multiple opt-out requests with different photos.

• If some image is still visible for some reasons, it’s always possible to use our form to delete each of the results.

Note: Please remember, that opt-out request, or delete request are publicly available, free and doesn't require subscription to use it.

For PROtect and Advanced subscribers: Once you set a guard result the image remains blocked from the search results even after cancelling subscription, or deleting your account.

Release 10.10.1

18 May 2022

PimEyes has released a new major update 10.10.1

• Free searches for everyone!

• Search speed has increased, and search results are better.

• Search engine has become more browser friendly.

To make technology more accessible to public, we have unlocked search results, accordingly users can search for their photos for free. Engine displays every single search result, however, URL addresses of those results and information on sources remain hidden. Potential subscribers have an opportunity to test our search engine before they make decision to subscribe, or not.

Release 10.9.0

11 May 2022

PimEyes has launched 10.9.0 release.

  1. The release includes the small bug fixes.
  2. Stability of the search engine has been improved.
  3. Search results have been enhanced

The release is a preparatory phase for a greater update that will bring new flavour and enhanced opportunities for our subscribers.

PimEyes on Twitter

10 May 2022

PimEyes is on Twitter! follow our twitter account to get information about the latest updates, changes, projects and more in real time.

PimEyes Affilate Program

5 May 2022

PimEyes has launched an affiliate program.

The affiliate program provides a unique opportunity to earn money and ensure your sustainable income by recommending the world’s leading AI based facial recognition platform. The benefits of our affiliate program:

• Sustainable, long-term cooperation and high marge of income during the entire cooperation period.

• Income totally depends on efforts, there is no cap for the money you can earn with PimEyes.

• Coomission – 10$ for every succesfull recommendation on Open Plus, 25$ for Protect and 75$ on Advanced packages.

• Dynamic cooperation with PimEyes team, great banners, various digital assets, product images, promotional codes (unique for each performer) to boost your income.

• By working with PimEyes, you work with established brand that is considered by thousands of users as the most reliable and efficient facial recognition solution.

• Easy to start – joining our affiliate program doesn’t require special skills, or knowledge, you can join our affiliate program within several minutes and then start promoting our product via your marketing channels.

Release 10.8.0

5 May 2022

PimEyes has launched 10.8.0 release.

  1. The release includes the small bug fixes
  2. Improved search results
  3. Access to PimEyes affiliate program

Release 10.6.0

31 March 2022

PimEyes has launched 10.6.0 release.

  1. The release includes the news sections on our website, website where users can receive information on the latest updates, events and new services of our website.
  2. It also provides manual for PROtect subscribers to perform takedown for the URL addresses that are not picked up by our search engine.

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