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Face finder

Search by face image and find similar people with information where those people appear online.
PimEyes analyzes over 10 million websites to provide the most accurate search results. And it is totally FREE.
Upload photo of the person who you want to look for and then our face finder will find chosen face on the Internet.

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1.Upload photos

Thanks to uploading more than one picture of the person you seek you will increase the quality of search results.

2.Select faces we found

Please remember that the pictures you picked has to point on one person.

3.Search our database

The search results will be sorted by probability.

Example face searches

What should a photo look like?

It is very important to make sure that the face of the person you are looking for takes the majority of the uploaded picture.

What should a photo look like? - 1 - OK What should a photo look like? - 1 - NOT OK

The photo should show the face of person you want to find, not the profile. The picture may be taken at a slight angle.

What should a photo look like? - 2 - OK What should a photo look like? - 2 - NOT OK

The entire face should be visible on the picture. It should not be cover by anything.

What should a photo look like? - 3 - OK What should a photo look like? - 3 - NOT OK

How does it work?

PimEyes detects people on uploaded photos using advanced face search techniques. Once you've found your face, the search engine searches a huge database of photos found on the Internet to show you the most relevant search results. Photos aren’t analyzed in terms of skin color or hair, as these features often look a bit different on pictures taken under several conditions. We don’t want search results to be based on factors like lighting or hairstyle.

We use a variety of image processing techniques to achieve the best possible effect. Facial matching is accomplished through sophisticated face recognition algorithms that determine the degree of similarity.

We use such techniques to don’t have such parameters as the angle of inclination of the face and face expression. Our search algorithms do not take into consideration face mimic. Faces may also be partially covered by, for example, dark glasses or other small objects. We try to make the search results as well for those photos as good as possible.

The pictures from which we look for faces come from a huge base, which is the whole Internet. Every day, PimEyes looks at new pages for new photographs. Every day our database is enlarged with new people. Thanks to that search results are constantly improving.

Since many years the problem of face search is a great challenge for engineers and scientists. The problem of quick face search is even more challenging. Our algorithms search a huge database in less than a second. We achieved this by using many advanced pre-processing techniques. We hope your search results will satisfy you.

Preliminary analysis in terms of face search takes place on the user's side. Only face miniatures are sent to our servers. Then on the server we cut the pictures even more and save only small face clippings. We save face thumbnails to allow our users to share their search results with other people in forums and social networks.

We want people to keep their privacy online. Our search engine was created for this purpose. Pimeyes allows you to check whether a site is using your image in unauthorized way. If anyone doesn’t want their photos to exists in our indexes, just write us. We will immediately remove those photos.

Our mission is to improve the quality of the Internet by creating a useful application to raise awareness of the dangers of placing your image on the Internet.

How does it work

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