Take advantage of facial recognition search engine

Many scenarios exist where your images could end up on the internet without you knowing. We'll share a few of these scenarios and guide how to find them.

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Take advantage of facial recognition search engine

I believe it's natural for anyone to feel a sense of curiosity if their pictures appear online. This curiosity applies even if you're not a famous person whose face is widely recognized on the internet. There are various situations where your images might end up on the internet without your awareness. Here are a few instances to consider:

  1. Your picture was taken and used on a website or blog without your permission - This happens quite frequently because there are countless websites online. The owners of these websites might come across your picture on social media, decide they like it, save it, and then use it for their own purposes.

  2. Someone took your photo in public and uploaded it to the web - In today's world, almost everyone has a smartphone capable of taking pictures. It's so commonplace to have a phone in hand that you might not even realize if someone discreetly takes your photo. The reasons behind this can be innocent, like being captivated by your appearance or capturing an exceptional shot. However, there are also individuals with inappropriate intentions who might exploit these photos by posting them on inappropriate websites.

  3. Someone stole your identity - Instances of identity theft are increasing annually in the United States, leading to significant issues. In these cases, fraudsters get hold of people's personal information, including images, IDs, and other credentials, to further their own agendas. At times, they might even post these images on websites, causing your picture to surface unexpectedly if your identity falls victim to theft.

  4. Your image was used in the ad - Imagine this scenario: a small business owner stumbles upon a photo of you in an appealing setting. They're drawn to elements like the room you're in or the attire you're sporting. Intrigued by these aspects, they decide to use your image for advertising their products or services.

  5. Revenge porn - it's unfortunately not uncommon for a vindictive ex-partner to seek retaliation by sharing intimate, nude images of their former boyfriend or girlfriend on various websites

Some of them are more alarming than others, but the fact is that it’s important to know everything about your online presence. So the best way to do that is to try a facial recognition search - Pimeyes. A basic search on Pimeyes is free. What should you do:

Upload your image with the following requirements

  • The face must be fully shown (not only one side of the profile) - The PimEyes’ mechanism of searching measures some parts of a face, like the eyes or mouth. Those parts must be visible. That’s why we suggest picking frontal face shots, not side profiles.

  • The face in the image must be well-lit - Bad lighting in a photo makes the face hard or even impossible to recognize by the PimEyes’ mechanism. That’s why it’s important to upload a picture that is well-lit, especially around the face.

  • No elements covering the eyes or face - like sunglasses, eyepatch, facemask or etc

  • Full-color - A lack of color means less information about the face and, in consequence, worse results. Black and white photos, as well as those badly lit, might impede face recognition, especially in the case of people who have deep-set eyes or birthmarks.

  • High quality - A low-quality photo makes details of the face difficult to recognize. It can compromise the search results because photos of other people could match due to less precise measurements.

Check out search results, if you find your actual images there, you can subscribe and get access to links to the website as well as where images are placed.

Bonus step: If you choose the PROtect plan, we will help you to take down these images from unwanted websites.

So with the help of the facial recognition search engine - pimeyes, you are not only finding if there are any images on the web but also, you can locate web links that contain your images additionally, you can use our help to make these pages delete these images from their pages. Quite a lot of benefits for a face finder, right?