Photos published without consent: how to find them and remove them from the Internet?

Read our article to receive some tips regarding the removal of photos published without consent.

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Photos published without consent: how to find them and remove them from the Internet?

The sole thought of having pictures of you published on the Internet without your knowledge and consent is truly terrifying. That is sadly a common reality for many people. Such photos can be posted by anyone - sometimes that person might not even have malicious intentions. For example, your aunt Judy can be over the moon after seeing you for the first time in years and wishes to show to all her friends on social media just how much you’ve grown and how handsome you are! Don’t worry, we’ve all been through that. But you’re probably wondering, how can such pictures be found and removed from the Internet?

Facial recognition search engine - how can it help me?

A facial recognition search engine, such as PimEyes, is exactly the tool you need in such cases. By performing a search, you can see on which public websites photos of you appear and start protecting your image. By using PimEyes you can monitor your online presence, remove unwanted photos and even be notified when new photos of you are found.

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Someone I know has posted pictures where I’m included - what can I do to have them removed?

If you are familiar with that person, then the best course of action would be to simply reach out to them and explain why you’re uncomfortable with them posting such a photo without your consent and ask them to take it down. This should solve your problem.

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My photo has been posted without my consent on a website. What should I do?

In the case where pictures of you have been posted without your consent and you have no knowledge of who posted them, then your best choice is to reach out to that website’s administrator directly. Your best choice would be to send a Takedown Notice in order to ensure that the content depicting you will get deleted.

At PimEyes, we have created the PROtect plan to help you out with the drafting and sending of such notices! Each month you receive 4 hours of our agent’s professional services. During that time, they draft, send out and observe the progress of the cases.

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How can DMCA and GDPR help me?

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a United States copyright law and also the most known copyright law worldwide. By using DMCA, you confirm that you own the copyright to a certain image and as the sole copyright holder, you can demand for its deletion from a website.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) focuses on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. As an EU citizen you can exercise your right to privacy and anonymity by using GDPR!