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Join PimEyes' Affiliate Program

Join PimEyes' Affiliate Program

Meet Jacob - a guy who has found a dozen or so of his photos through the PimEyes search engine and really appreciates our service. Jacob is very impressed with PimEyes and often talks about its capabilities among friends. At a meeting Jacob met a guy who earned money on affiliate programs. They talked about many things, PimEyes amongst others. The new friend asked Jacob if there was an affiliate program at PimEyes. “Since you talk about it so often, you can start earning serious money on your recommendations”, he said. At that moment Jacob thought about all the friends who had bought access to PimEyes following his advice. It crossed his mind that it might be worth it. So he checked and was surprised that there was an affiliate program at PimEyes and for every successful recommendation he could earn $10. “If I had known about this before, I would now have an easy $200!” So he joined the program immediately.

Use facial recognition search engine affiliate program to earn money on your recommendations

The story about Jacob is only illustrative, but the money you can earn from our affiliate program is real. Every successful recommendation means $10 on your balance and you can withdraw your money after you raise at least $100. To collect 10 recommendations you don’t have to be an influencer or a social media star with thousands of followers. You can tell your friends about PimEyes and show them how it works. That is more than enough to get some extra money which you can spend on whatever you want. Would you like to know more? Keep reading.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows earning money from recommendations made using an individual link connected to the user’s account. Thanks to the affiliate program, a company can appreciate its user’s involvement in sharing information about products or services.

How to join the PimEyes’ affiliate program?

Joining our affiliate program is very simple - you have to log in to your user’s panel (or create an account, if you don’t have it), visit the Affiliate tab, and generate your individual recommendation link using the “Generate” button. You can use your individual recommendation link as soon as you generate it.

Join our affiliate program Generate your individual link

How does accounting work?

Now, let’s talk about money. We have created a detailed Affiliate rule book that specifies all the accounting conditions, but here are the most important arrangements:

  1. You receive 10$ for every successful recommendation (regardless of the package ordered upon your recommendation).
  2. The minimum withdrawal is $100. We don’t force you to spend the collected money on our services. It’s your money, you can do whatever you want with it.
  3. The withdrawal is transferred to your bank account or Payoneer account within 30 days of ordering it.
  4. Withdrawals are blocked when you have an ordered, but unfinished transaction or when the last withdrawal was transferred to your bank or Payoneer account less than 30 days back.
  5. We charge you only for the bank transfer. The amount of the commission depends on the bank you have your account in. However, you have to remember that you can be double charged if the bank has to convert dollars to your local currency.

You have to remember that the withdrawal is transferred internationally. Please make sure to provide us with a bank account number that contains an IBAN.

How much money you can earn in the PimEyes Affiliate Program

How to promote the service to earn in the affiliate program?

Whether you are an experienced affiliate or not, we are here to give you tips on how to promote our service effectively and make your efforts profitable.

We think the general and basic rule is to be honest. What does it mean in practice?

  • Describe your own experience.
  • Present how the service works using your own photos. It is not a problem to find a photo of a celebrity - the Internet is full of them. What really proves the effectiveness of our search engine is the results found from a photo of an ordinary person.
  • Inform your audience that you take part in our affiliate program - if they like or respect you, they will gladly use the recommendation that brings you profit.
  • While talking about our service, use your natural way of communicating, don’t try to sound different than usual. Your audience appreciates you for your own style and they will sense a hidden agenda.
  • If you have concerns or doubts about the service, you can present them. The same applies to your answers to friends’ or audience’s questions. People appreciate when you’re realistic about the service and you don’t glorify it. If you would like to know more about our service, we encourage you to visit our FAQ page. Information gathered there will help you answer the most difficult questions.

Is it good to disclose the information about an affiliate program?

Where to promote as an affiliate?

Depending on how recognizable you are, we can advise you on different ways or places to promote as an affiliate.

If you are, let’s say, a semi-public person (blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer, YouTuber), the best and probably most effective way to promote as an affiliate is to use your own channels. You know your audience so you can personalize the content to a specific channel.

If you don’t expose yourself much on social media, you can use informal ways of promotion. You can share your result link with friends - nothing speaks so forcefully to people as your own example. The links to results could be sent via any popular messaging app (Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.)

Important advice regarding the affiliate program

  1. Don’t forget to add your individual recommendation link to your materials (lives, YT videos, links sent to your friends). If you forget about this link, we won’t be able to identify you as the source of a recommendation.
  2. Please remember that using other people's photos is not acceptable according to our Terms&Conditions. We don’t want you to violate anyone’s personal rights or copyrights, especially when you recommend our service publicly.
  3. You can measure the traffic from your recommendation using URL shorteners - they don’t affect your identification or withdrawals.

Would like to know more about our affiliate program? Read the FAQ section on the Affiliate Program page.