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Why is it worth to join our affiliate program?

  • Simple billing rules
  • You can order the withdrawal of your money after you collect the minimum amount
  • You are not forced to spend your money on our services
  • Money collected on your balance is not taken away after any period of time
  • Accessing our affiliate program is free
  • Accessing is very simple - you fill and submit the questionary in your user’s panel, after which you can recommend us straight away and start making money
  • You can promote us in any way you see fit - we don’t dictate how you should recommend our service (however, we reserve the right to exclude some methods/places of promotion - for more information, please refer to the affiliate program rule book)
  • We provide a clear affiliate panel where you can track the results of your recommendations.

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Accounting rules

  1. The Member receives 10$ for every successful recommendation, on Open Plus, 25$ on PROtect and 75$ on Advanced packages as long as it is fully priced.
  2. The minimum withdrawal is $100
  3. The withdrawal is transferred to your bank account within 30 days of ordering it
  4. The withdrawal is transferred internationally, so please make sure to provide us a bank account number that contains an IBAN
  5. Withdrawals are blocked when you have an ordered, but unfinished transaction or when the last withdrawal was transferred to your bank account less than 30 days back
  6. We charge you only for the bank transfer. The amount of the commision depends on the bank you have your account in. However, you have to remember that you can be double charged if the bank has to convert dollars to your local currency.
Check our Affilaite program rule book

How to start - 3 easy steps

1. Log in to your account or register new account
2. Visit the Affiliate Program tab in user's panel
3. Fill and submit the questionary to receive your individual recommendation link

After completing these 3 steps, you can promote our services and make money on your recommendations.

Common Questions

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