How to reverse image search on Facebook

If you want to use the reverse image search to look for photos posted on Facebook or scam profiles, we’ve got bad news for you: it's impossible.

How to reverse image search on Facebook

You two have met on a dating site. You have been writing with him or her a lot. Seems like this person is your other half, soul mate, or at least a good candidate for a partner. You have only been texting (or barely talking on the phone), but you have found his or her Facebook profile and would like to know if this person is really the one they claim to be, especially before you see each other. Is this an accurate description of your current situation? We can absolutely understand that you don’t want to get involved in a “relationship” with a fraud. Unfortunately verifying the identity of that person might not be easy. You must also prepare yourself that it may turn out to be impossible.

Can you search for someone on Facebook with just an image?

You have to admit that the Facebook reverse image search mechanism would be a very useful tool. This social network is full of interesting pictures that are hard to find anywhere else. Unfortunately, we’ve got disappointing news for you: Facebook hasn’t created such a mechanism and there is no working solution that would allow a Facebook reverse photo search. On the Internet you might find some instructions on how to search Facebook using images, but all of these hacks simply don’t work.

Using a photo to find a scam profile on Facebook

Finding scam profiles would be probably a very popular feature of the reverse image search mechanism on Facebook. However, since it is impossible to reverse image search their database, it is also impossible to find a scam profile using a photo. If any company declares on their page that they are able to look for people by using something called “reverse image search Facebook profile”, it is probably a scam and you shouldn’t trust them.

There are no free tools to verify someone's identity on Facebook

Can I use face recognition to find someone's identity on Facebook?

Face recognition technology can be used to find someone’s identity (including information like their email or phone number). However, there are no free or publicly available websites nor apps that allow finding this type of data. In many countries access to that information is restricted only to governmental entities. There are at least a few dozen scam websites that advertise themselves as tools to reverse search Facebook photos, but as their searching method and quality of results are doubtful, we can’t recommend them. Some people also try to use Google Images to get information about someone’s identity, but this method is also a wild goose chase. We explain this in the article about why Google images is not the right tool for facial recognition on the Internet.

Face-search tool

If you are looking for a tool that allows finding faces online, PimEyes is your answer. Our search engine is an advanced self-monitoring tool that helps people verify where their face appears on the web. If you want to know if someone is using your photo without your consent, upload your picture to the search bar below or click here to open to the main page.

Unfortunately, we don’t search social media, so you won’t be able to find someone’s Facebook profile or name using our search engine. Our index contains websites available to the public.

Upload a photo and find out which public websites your face appears on


Facebook hasn’t created a reverse image search tool to look for photos uploaded to this social network. That also means you can’t find out if a Facebook profile is fake using only an image. There are some tutorials for reverse image searching on Facebook, but they don’t work anymore (if ever they did). If you would like to find someone’s profile, you can try searching websites similar to Yellow Pages that allow searching by image, but most of them are scams and you probably won’t find the right results there. If you would like to know if your face has been used by someone (but not on social media), use PimEyes. This lookup tool can be used by anyone and it allows you to locate publicly available websites on which your face can be found.