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Face Recognition Search Engine
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Take advantage of the possibilities offered by our face recognition search engine and software. Benefit from both the features available in premium packages and API access which enables face-recognition searches in your own application.


The PimEyes face recognition search engine is the perfect tool to protect one’s privacy and image, as well as identify scammers, identity thieves, or people who use pictures without permission. It is a reverse face search engine based on the latest technologies: artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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What we offer

Solutions for your business

Premium features
adjusted to business

Benefit from basic premium features in amounts tailored to business purposes. Perform unlimited searches using our search engine, set up to 500 Alerts.

Additional Advanced functionalities

Subscribers of the Advanced package can use special features like the Deep Search and additional filters to expand or narrow the searches.

Face Recognition
& Reverse Face Search API

Try out the latest facial recognition technology in your own application. PimEyes’ software and API are fully scalable and user-friendly.

Face recognition
business solutions

Premium functionalities adjusted to business goals

Premium functionalities adjusted to business goals:

Unlimited unlocked searches

With the Advanced package, all the search results are unlocked and available to be checked. We don’t limit the number of searches performed by the owner of the account.

Up to 500 PimEyes' Alerts

A PimEyes’ Alert is the notification you get when we find a photo of someone with a face similar to the one that you have set the Alert for. With the Advanced package you can set up to 500 alerts.

Dedicated support

Get help with every issue or problem you have. We’re here for you.

Features available only for the Advanced subscribers:

Deep Search

The Deep Search mechanism allows searching our index in a more thorough way. It is possible that by performing a Deep Search you will receive more results with a given face than in a regular search.

Access to archival results

Access to archival results is available via “Archival results” filter and Deep Search feature. In the archival results, there are photos that are gone from the source pages, but they are still available on our index. You can use information about these results to take a closer look into a given website and to make sure they are not using your image anywhere else. Read more about archival results here

Generating PDF and CSV reports from the results

With the Advanced package, all the results can be easily exported to PDF or CSV files. There are no limitations on the number of results that can be exported to files.

Advanced Search

The Advanced package allows you to use all the filters. You can also filter the results by searching only particular domains or by excluding given domains.

Advanced subscribers features
Face Recognition & Reverse Face Search API

Face Recognition & Reverse Face Search API

What makes our API stand out is its high effectiveness of search performance combined with the highest effectiveness of comparative analysis.

Important: Knowledge of programming is mandatory to integrate with our API. However, it is not required to have machine learning expertise. The API service is not dedicated to individuals.

$200-worth of API credits

As a part of the Advanced package, you receive $200-worth of credits that you can use to perform around 200 requests. After you use your free API credits, you can top up your balance to perform further requests and keep your application working.

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Easily integrate search face functionality with your applications.
Get access to PimEyes’ API and start developing with $200-worth in credits.

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