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Try our fast and scalable reverse image search for faces. Integrate with PimEyes’ API and enable face-recognition search in your own application.


The PimEyes face recognition search engine is the perfect tool to protect one’s privacy and image, as well as identify scammers, identity thieves or people who use pictures without permission.
It is based on the latest technologies: artificial intelligence and machine learning. PimEyes’ software is fully scalable (there is no database size limit) and user-friendly.

Important: Knowledge of programming is mandatory to integrate with our API. However, it is not required to have machine learning expertise. The API service is not dedicated to individuals.

Service includes:
Access to the latest facial recognition technologies
Highest effectiveness of the comparative analysis
Simple and progressive price list
High effectiveness of search performance
Intuitive admin control panel
Your own data setsComing soon!

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Face Recognition API

Try out the latest facial recognition technology. High effectiveness of search performance combined with the highest effectiveness of comparative analysis. Define face location, cut the face out, and create the preview. Simple API and comprehensible price list.

Reverse Face Search API

PimEyes is a reverse face search engine. You can find where the photo of a given person appears online. This tool is perfect to identify scammers and to find where images are used without permissions.

Custom Datasets API Coming soon!

PimEyes allows you to search your own image database using facial recognition software. Using the software you can create an image database and specify the face you want to find. The entire process is simple, intuitive, and works exactly like PimEyes!

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Easily integrate search face functionality with your applications.
Get access to PimEyes’ API and start developing with $100-worth in credits.

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