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Facial recognition API usages - how to use PimEyes' API

Facial recognition API usages - how to use PimEyes' API

Are you looking for solutions that will support your business with facial recognition or face analysis technologies? Are you considering using facial recognition API in your product or service? Would you like to check if these technologies can develop your business potential? In this article, we hope to answer all of your questions and dispel any doubts that you may have about using PimEyes’ facial recognition & face-search API.

For obvious reasons, we can’t present the details of how to use our facial recognition API, but the following general tips might help you decide whether this technology matches your business concept.

PimEyes uses modern face recognition algorithms and the power of machine learning to find faces with particular parameters. Our mechanism focuses only on faces, not the whole picture, so it can find a person despite the rest of the photo (multiple elements in the background, other people, or things). It can also find an image of the same face with another haircut or contact lenses.

3 areas of using the facial recognition API

PimEyes’ API can be used in many ways, but we can group these usages into 3 main areas:

  1. Recognizing faces
  2. Searching for faces
  3. Comparing faces

These areas intermingle and it is hard to draw the line between them. However, companies from different branches might determine that one area is more crucial to their business than the others. Fortunately, there is one API that enables recognizing faces, searching for them and comparing them. Therefore, the decision of what is more important shouldn’t worry you. Now, let’s expand on these 3 points a little.

How to use a facial recognition tools in business

Recognizing faces with PimEyes’ API

The technology of recognizing faces is beneficial especially for entities from security and investigation sectors, both private and public (governmental, international). It can be applied to recognize particular faces among others, look for criminals or missing persons. Facial recognition together with an effective search mechanism will make your investigation work a lot easier.

Searching for faces with PimEyes’ API

The search mechanism is a powerful tool for companies that have vast photo databases and the ability to search by faces might help their employees speed up their work. This refers especially to media companies, journalists, or photographers.

Comparing faces with PimEyes’ API

PimEyes’ API can be also used to compare faces, especially ones of people similar to each other. The first use that comes to mind is to look for doppelgangers. But that’s just the beginning. In the film industry alone, you can use it to find actors who can play relatives (they should have similar face features) or look-alike extras. Of course it can also be used to find real, unknown relatives or similar-looking people in other branches.

Now that you are convinced that facial recognition API is a technology you want to implement, it is time to learn about the technical side and specifics of the service ordering process and of estimating its price.

How to order API access?

API access is included in the Advanced package. You can order it on the "For Business" page or by clicking the button below. After you purchase the Advanced package, you will get 200 API free credits that you can use to perform around 120 requests. Later on you can top up your balance with any amount you need to perform further requests.

Start using our API Purchase Advanced package

Technical information about PimEyes’ API

  • API is based on a simple HTTP protocol with JSON format
  • In a facial search response, there is a URL address of the image, a URL address to the source website, and a score (which demonstrates the probability that the face in the photo is the one that was searched)
  • Our search accuracy is about 90%+
  • Our servers respond in about 0.7 seconds per one search request
  • One user can perform 2 concurrent requests
  • The quality of an uploaded photo is measured by the number of pixels constituting the gap between the eyes. The minimum amount of pixels required to perform a search is 25.

Technical requirements for using the facial recognition search engine API

How to estimate the price of using API?

The estimation is based on price levels (from 0 to 12). You reach a certain level when you use up the exact number of requests specified per level in the “Progressive Prices” table. There are two types of requests: Face Recognition calls and Reverse Face Search calls. Usually, when you perform a standard search you use both kinds of requests, but they can also be used separately. When you reach a certain price level every next request is going to be calculated based on the price from the next level (e.g. when you exceed the 100 requests from level 0 and have performed f.ex. 110 requests, 10 will be calculated based on level 1). The price is calculated anew every month from level 0.

In other words, the price is calculated anew every month, always from level 0, and none of the levels can be omitted. The more requests you use, the lower the final price is.


In a month you have performed 150 standard searches by uploading 150 photos (that means using 150 Face Recognition calls) and using a search engine 150 times (that means using 150 Reverse Face Search calls). Together you have made 300 requests (150 Face Recognition calls + 150 Reverse Face Search calls).

The price is going to be calculated like this:

50 Face Recognition calls * 0.1$ + 50 Reverse Face Search calls * 0.9$ (these are the 100 requests from level 0) + 100 Face Recognition calls * 0.1$ + 100 Reverse Face Search calls * 0.75$ (these are 200 requests from level 1). In total, for 150 standard searches (300 separate requests), you will pay $135. The price will be different when you upload more than 1 photo to perform a search because you will have requested more Face Recognition calls.

The payment for API requests is taken from your prepaid account on an ongoing basis.

Price level First N requests in month Face Recognition call Reverse Face Search call
0 100 $0.1 $0.9
1 500 $0.1 $0.75
2 1000 $0.1 $0.5
3 5000 $0.1 $0.25
4 10000 $0.1 $0.1
5 50000 $0.05 $0.075
6 100000 $0.01 $0.05
7 500000 $0.005 $0.025
8 1000000 $0.0025 $0.01
9 5000000 $0.0005 $0.0075
10 10000000 $0.0005 $0.005
11 50000000 $0.0001 $0.0025
12 100000000 $0.0001 $0.001

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