Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (CSR)

Versión 5 de julio de 2023

Modern society is often portrayed as an informational society. The Internet has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, and the rapid development of information technologies has brought not only benefits but also challenges.

There are currently very few technical solutions that would be able to give any individual the full capacity to be informed about their own online presence, even though the majority of countries in the world work to elaborate terms, laws, and rules for the protection of information on the internet. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people are unaware of how and for what purposes their images are used whenever they are published online without their knowledge or consent. Furthermore, many unwitting internet users merely think that once they upload images to the public internet, they won't ever be found or used by outside parties for nefarious purposes. As a result, we have reached a point where identity theft, fraud, online harassment, bullying, stalking, and the illegal distribution of data by unwitting internet users have become a part of our daily lives.

While stalkers, online trolls, and other online abusers were able to use tools available on the public internet to carry out their illegal and illegitimate activities without being held accountable, regular members of our society who lack of adequate computer skills and knowledge of internet tools were simply left unprotected in the context of these issues.

At Pimeyes’, we are committed to conducting our business responsibly and ethically. We believe that we have a responsibility to leverage our expertise, resources, and influence to create positive social outcome. To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that guides our actions and ensures we contribute to sustainable development.

Our CSR Approach:

Ethical Data Management:

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy, security, and integrity. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations concerning data protection and safeguarding sensitive information. We prioritize transparency in our data practices and obtain appropriate consent for data collection and usage.

Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

As an organization leveraging AI technologies, we are committed to using these tools responsibly. We prioritize fairness, transparency, and accountability in the development and deployment of AI. We actively work to mitigate biases, ensure algorithmic transparency, and prevent the misuse of these technologies.

Social Impact:

We recognize that our operations have a direct and indirect impact on society. We strive to make a positive difference by supporting social causes, promoting diversity and inclusion, and actively engaging with local communities.

Employee Well-being and Development:

We value our employees as the foundation of our success. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive work environment that fosters employee well-being, professional growth, and work-life balance. We prioritize diversity, equal opportunity, and continuous learning and development to empower our employees and nurture their talents.

Stakeholder Engagement:

We believe that collaboration and dialogue with our stakeholders are vital for the success of our CSR initiatives. We actively engage with our employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and local communities to understand their needs, address concerns, and incorporate their perspectives into our decision-making processes.

Since its launch, in compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation, PimEyes:

(a) Has helped thousands of users become aware of their online presence and removed hundreds of thousands of photos that were published on various websites without the owners' knowledge or consent. 

(b) Collaborated with numerous non-governmental organisations, public institutions, humanitarian organisations, human rights campaigners, and public institutions for following purposes:

  • To assist families of missing individuals, survivors of organised crime, victims of revenge porn, and victims of online sexual abuse.
  • To gather proof of war crimes in various parts of the globe, aid families of military and civilian prisoners, and aid families of war crime victims.
  • To support those affected by terrorism, natural disasters, and other extreme circumstances.
  • To investigate terrorism and other types of transnational and organised crimes.
  • To expose the crimes of authoritarian governments and defend the civil and political rights of individuals and social interest groups.

Aiming to prevent the unlawful publication of information about any individual and to take proactive actions to identify and respond to such sources on the internet, PimEyes collaborated with numerous regulatory agencies and declares its willingness to continue so. We never disclose our partners unless there is a direct legal obligation, and we never ask for public gratitude. We also never use our social responsibility initiatives for marketing or promotional purposes. At Pimeyes’, our CSR policy serves as a guiding framework for responsible and sustainable business practices in the data sector. We are committed to maximizing positive social impact and upholding the highest ethical standards. By integrating CSR into our core operations, we aim to create long-term value for our stakeholders. Together, we can drive positive change and contribute to a more protected future.