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How to use the PROtect service

How to use the PROtect service

Hello, thank you for choosing PROtect. In this short guide we will explain how to use PROtect’s various functions.

Table of contents

  1. The PROtect Image
  2. How to hide additional results
  3. How the “PROtect Takedown Requests” function works
  4. How to add a picture to “PROtect Takedown Requests”
  5. Filling out your personal data
  6. How to start the Takedown process
  7. Where to track the progress of removing photos
  8. What self-report is
  9. What the purpose of the “Mark as deleted” function is
  10. What the agent time is

Starting with PROtect - before you order photos to be removed

  1. PROtect Image

The PROtect Image is the picture that will be used in order for our search engine to find photos with your face in it. A good fit for a PROtect Image would be a picture that is of good quality, full colour, and where the entire face is visible.

Setting up yours is quite easy! Perform a search on our website and then click on the “Set PROtect Image” button which will appear at the top of the results page.

Set up your PROtect Image

You can choose more than one photo and edit your PROtect Image at any given time under the PROtect tab in your user’s panel.

Upload new PROtect Images

Whenever we find any new results containing your face, you will be informed via email. All the new results are automatically blocked from being displayed in searches. They are available only for you, in the user’s panel.

  1. How to hide additional results

Now that you have chosen your PROtect Image, the results with your face have stopped showing up on our website. However, you can hide any additional results found on PimEyes by clicking on the “Exclude from public results” button which appears after you click on a certain picture.

Add result to your PROtect Image

Confirm your choice by then clicking the “Add to PROtect” button in the new window.

  1. How the “PROtect Takedown Requests” function works

The “PROtect Takedown Requests” function is designated to help you have your pictures removed from the websites they’ve been uploaded to. However, we would like to point out that the process isn’t always successful. Below you can find a short image-based guide showing you how to utilize the function.

How to add a picture to “PROtect Takedown Requests”

You can access the “PROtect Takedown Requests” function in your user’s panel, under the “PROtect” tab. Firstly, you will have to access your PROtect Image results and click on the picture you wish to send out a Takedown Notice for.

Add picture to PROtect Takedown Requests

Then, by clicking on the “Order Takedown” button, your picture will be added to the ”PROtect Takedown Requests” service. However, that’s not all. The next step is filling out the form with your personal data.

Removing your pictures from external websites

Filling out your personal data

In order for us to send out Takedown Notices for your photos, you will then have to fill out your personal data in the respective tab. This step is essential, because the notices cannot be sent out anonymously. We ask you to fill the information out truthfully. You may have doubts about disclosing your personal data to the entity that has been using your photo illegally. We can understand that, but until you order a specific photo to be removed, we won’t send any notices containing your personal data. We also recommend attaching a picture of yourself for the Digital Identity Verification purposes.

Fill out your personal data

How to start the Takedown process

After you have filled in your personal information, access the “PROtect Takedown Requests” tab and select the “Order Takedown” button for the pictures you want to be removed. You will be then asked to provide information about the original source of the picture (the location from where it has been stolen, e.g. your laptop, cell phone, the URL where you originally published the picture). No Takedown Notices will be sent out without your consent.

Start the Takedown process

Where to track the progress of removing photos

You can track the progress of the Takedown Notices which have been sent out by accessing the “PROtect Takedown Requests” tab under the PROtect panel in your user’s panel. They can be under three categories:

  • Erase in progress - meaning the Takedown Notice has been sent, but the case is still in progress.
  • Deleted - where a picture has been removed from the source website.
  • Failed - where a picture couldn’t be deleted from the source website.

Track the removal progress

What self-report is

There are some cases where source websites provide contact forms as the only available way of getting touch in them. In such cases, you will have to reach out to them personally. We will provide you with the appropriate text you need to send out to such websites.

What the purpose of the “Mark as deleted” function is

When you are aware that a picture has been removed from the source website, but somehow we haven’t marked it as deleted, you can do so yourself by choosing the “Mark as deleted” option. This option allows us not to focus on a case that’s already been solved and instead focus on other ones.

Mark a picture as deleted

What the agent time is

Every month, PROtect users receive 240 minutes of agent time. This is the time that our agents will be dedicating to your “PROtect Takedown Requests” cases (drafting the Takedown Notices, sending them out, monitoring the cases) in a month. Minutes are taken off every time you order a takedown. You can see how much time you have left in the Agent tab.

Your agent time

These are the most essential features in PROtect, but we also have an entire FAQ section dedicated to it. We believe it might prove helpful to you:

However, if you have any additional questions which haven’t been covered on here or our FAQ section, you reach out to us via our contact form. Our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible!