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How to use PimEyes - a brief guide

How to use PimEyes - a brief guide

PimEyes is a face recognition search engine that is available to everyone. It uses different modern technologies, like facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and reverse image search to find photos with faces on the Internet and then displays them in a user-friendly way as search results. We have provided a lot of useful tools and features that can help you improve your searches, but also get the most out of your premium status. In this article, we explain these features and how to use them. 

When you search using PimEyes

The first action you take after entering our website is to upload a photo and perform a search. Usually there are a lot of results, but not all of them are photos of you. We sort the results by their resemblance to the searched photo. The ones that most resemble it should be displayed at the top, but sometimes you can find yourself in the middle of the list or even at the end of it. You can help yourself narrow down the results by using filters. 


Information about a result

There are 2 important pieces of information about a photo that all users (free and premium) can see:

1. The date when our bots came across this photo 

The date when a photo has appeared in the search results

Important: It is impossible for us to provide the date of when the picture was uploaded to the Internet. 


2.The link to the result (on

The postion of the button to copy the link to PimEyes' search result

By clicking on the blue button with the copy icon on it, the link to this particular search result will automatically be copied. You can share it or send it to other people. This link can also be used to report a result in our removal form. 


*Sometimes it is possible that we can’t display the image in our search results. In this case, this picture is marked as “Couldn’t load image”. Here’s our article about the problems that this “Couldn’t load image” notification entails


Main premium functionalities

1. Unlocking the results

Where to open the link to the source websiteThe button to open the page from the link

As a premium subscriber (of theOpen Plus, PROtect or Advanced package) you can unlock all the search results. Opening the link is possible by clicking the “Open” button or the visible part of the link.


2. Opening the source image

How to open the source image

By clicking the photo icon, you can get the link to the source image and display the original, unblurred photo. How can you use this information? 

Generally, a website is built in a way that all the uploaded attachments, including images, have their own addresses on a server. These addresses are different from the page addresses in that they end with a file extension (.jpg or .png for photos, .pdf or .doc for documents, etc.). The address to an individual image is not always easy to find because it is important for the website administrators, and usually not so much for users. 

In our case, however, information about those links is crucial. You may ask why. So, imagine that you want to remove a photo from a particular website because it is being used illegally and it violates your image rights. Sometimes this photo is uploaded to a page on which it is difficult or even impossible to find (e.g. it is a cover photo for a post on a category page and during the time you search for it, it has already been superseded by the newer posts). It hasn’t been used anywhere else on the website, it is theoretically impossible to find, but it is still hosted by this website and you can’t be sure they won’t use it again. 

This is where the link to the source image comes to the rescue. Once you have it, you can check if the given picture is still under that link. If it is, the website administrator hasn’t removed your photo. If it’s not, you don’t have to worry anymore.  


3. Setting Alerts

How to set the Alert for this photo

"PimEyes’ Alerts" is a monitoring tool that notifies you about newly-found results with faces similar to the one you have set the Alert for. If you are a premium user, you can click the button with the bell icon on it to set an Alert for the face from the photo.

4. Adding photos to the list of images hidden from being displayed in the search results (only for PROtect subscribers)

The postion of the button to add the photo to the Erase me service

This feature is available only for the PROtect subscribers. When you click the button with the trash bin icon on it, you will add a particular photo to the list of hidden results. It won’t be displayed in our search results anymore. Later you can also order sending the DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices for that photo via the “Erase me” service. 


Our premium features

Unlocked searches

As a premium user, you can open the links to all the search results. We don’t limit the number of links you can open.


Get premium and take advantage of the unlocked searches

Purchase a premium package


PimEyes’ Alerts

As we mentioned before, "PimEyes’ Alerts" is our monitoring tool. It is available in all the premium packages. When you set an Alert, you are notified about newly-found results - photos containing faces similar to the one you have set the Alert for. You can set up muliple Alerts (3 in the Open Plus package, 15 in the PROtect package and 500 in the Advanced package) and choose the frequency of notifications (once a day, once a week, once a month) for every photo separately. You can read more about using our Alerts in the article on our blog.


Purchase a premium package and set Alerts for your face

Order a premium package


PimEyes’ Guards

Guards are a service available only to PROtect subscribers. The “Guard” is a photo/are photos that we use to create your model picture to find images with faces similar to yours. we then block them from being displayed in our search results. You can set only one Guard for your account. It works similarly to the AIerts, but the results of searching by Guard are available only to you (in the user’s panel and email notification that we send you). Additionally, right after you order the PROtect package we use Guard to block the photos that have already been displayed in our search results. 


Order the PROtect package and hide all the results containing your face


Purchase PROtect


PimEyes’ “Erase me” service

The “Erase me” service is part of the PROtect package. Thanks to this tool you can order DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices for the photos found and blocked by the Guard

In the “Erase me” service we find the administrators of the websites where the unwanted images appear, draft and send multiple DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices on your behalf, monitor if the photos have been removed, and report the results of our interventions. Every month you have at your disposal 4 hours of our professional services. On average, during this time, we send about 80 Takedown Notices.

Important: In the “Erase me” service we can send the DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices only for photos that we have found. It is impossible to send notices to websites that did not appear in our search results. 


Purchase the PROtect package and let us take care of sending the takedown notices on your behalf


Purchase PROtect


Search filters

Search filters are available in the Advanced package.

Search filters allow you to narrow the face-search and find photos you are looking for

You can find filters after clicking the “Tools” button. There are 4 main filters: 

  1. Time: filter by when the image appeared in our search results 
  2. Size: filter by image size
  3. Language: filter by the language of the source website
  4. Safe Search: choose to blur, hide or unblur the “Adult content.


Deep Search

Deep Search is a feature available only for the Advanced subscribers. This mechanism is used to search data more thoroughly. While searching, we check additional neighboring datasets that are not checked in the regular search. The Deep Search takes a little bit longer than a regular search. It is possible that by performing a Deep Search we will find more results with a given face, but not always.

Purchase the Advanced package to perform a Deep Search


Purchase Advanced package